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About the TXSCL

The TXSCL is a chapter of the Senior Classical League, the college-level affiliate of the Junior Classical League and the sister organization of the TSJCL. We help run events at the State Convention, such as Ludi and Olympika, as well as participate along with other SCL-ers at the annual National Convention, helping to run many facets of the convention.
High school graduates with previous experience in the Classics who want to further their knowledge beyond the high-school level are welcome to join the TXSCL, regardless of whether they live in the state of Texas, provided that they are also registered for the NSCL.

Types of Membership

The TXSCL (and the NSCL) involves two main types of membership:


A "Slasher" refers to future members of the TXSCL who just graduated high school and are attending NJCL Convention over the summer before pursuing higher education/other plans. Hence, Slashers are technically between a JCL/SCL member, which the nickname implies. At the end of Nationals, Slashers will be promoted to official TXSCL members (upon paying dues and fulfilling related processes).

Regular Members

Official members of the TXSCL have already graduated high school and fulfilled dues/onboarding processes after the NJCL Convention of their commencement year. Members have full access to the TXSCL Discord and often volunteer to help run events at local, state, and national conventions, such as Ludi & Olympika. They are also often affiliated with the National Senior Classical League (NSCL).

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Want to help with SCL/JCL events? Take a look at the "Volunteering" subpage of our website here.