Welcome to the TXSCL —


Hello! We are a chapter of the National Senior Classical League, the college-level affiliate of the National Junior Classical League (NJCL). As the sister organization of the TSJCL, we encourage exploration of the Classics beyond the high-school level and often volunteer at local, state, and national conventions. Join us in keeping the JCL spirit alive! 🙂


The TXSCL is an accepting community of diverse individuals who have a shared interest in Classical Studies. 


Want to help out at local, state, and/or national JCL Conventions? The TXSCL helps run events such as Ludi, Olympika, and more!

Why Study Classics in College?

Classical studies can provide unique insights into how we interact with the world around us. Furthermore, Latin and Greek commonly influence languages spoken around the world, making them useful foundations for global communications.


In short, the Classics are diverse! Classical studies have wide applications and encapsulates a plethora of super interesting topics. Read what various institutions say about Classics:

So Many Memories!

Our TXSCL-ers have had so many fun experiences over the years. Take a look at some below and read member testimonials!